200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Verona Yoga Intensive 2018

If you’re looking to transform your life, and love sharing your passion with your friends, family and community, this program is for YOU!

There are many reasons to embark on this life-changing journey; from deepening your practice to becoming a certified yoga instructor and sharing the gift of yoga with others, or challenging yourself to continue to grow as a person. Whatever has led you down this path, The Ayurveda and Yoga Institute’s program is structured around what truly matters: the student. This is about YOU. Your experiences, uncovering your true self and with that your peace, joy and love. Our purpose is to support YOU with a curriculum that focuses on more than just the asana poses but dives into the meaning behind the practice and how it can improve your life.

Information & Registration:
[email protected] 

Syllabus Highlight

Program Dates

September 7 – September 9
September 14 – September 16
October 5 – October 7
October 19 – October 21
October 26 – October 28
November 9 – November 11
November 16 – November 18
November 30 – December 2
December 7 – December 9

Program Times

  • Fridays: 6:00 – 9:00pm
  • Saturdays: 9:00am – 6:00pm
  • Sundays: 11:00am – 6:00pm
  • Includes 4 Yoga Classes Per Weekend


  • Early bird: $2950 (Save $200 by 8/1)
  • Regular Rate: $3150
  • Payment Plan Available
  • Rate Includes $500 Nonrefundable Deposit
“If you’re unsure whether you are ready to do this for yourself, consider doing it for those you will be better able to serve by discovering your highest potential.”

Joining the Yoga College program never felt like a decision, it felt like a gentle but persistent invitation to come home that I accepted (even though I had no idea what that home would be like or who would become my new family). There’s a magic in this community that is impossible to ignore. Everyone was drawn here for the same purpose: transformation. While we initially sought transformation within, through the program it has become apparent how our individual journeys of healing directly help transform the lives of those around us. If you’re unsure whether you are ready to do this for yourself, consider doing it for those you will be better able to serve by discovering your highest potential. Miasha

Yoga College Class of 2018

Learn the Asanas (Poses)

Explore 30 of the most common yoga poses including their benefits and contraindications as well as modifications, adjustments, and hands-on assisting to make the asanas accessible to every body.

Pranayama, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation

Learn pranayama (breath work), yoga nidra (deep relaxation), and meditation techniques to fill yourself and others with unwavering peace.

Meet Ayurveda – Yoga’s Sister Science

See your world in a new light by learning the basics of Ayurveda – the oldest continually practiced healthcare system in the world.

Wisdom Through Practical Philosophy

Dive into the eternal teachings of the tradition via texts like the Yoga Sutras.


Be heard and connect with new friends while cultivating lifelong heart-expanding relationships.

Physical and Energetic Anatomy

Discover the nuts and bolts of your body physically (muscles, bones, organ systems, etc) and energetically (prana, nadis, chakras, etc)