The everyday stressors of life are something we all have to deal with. Whether it’s driving to school, to work, back to school, soccer practice or anything in between, our busy schedule can easily make us feel overwhelmed and stressed, especially if we are stuck in traffic.

So how can we find the balance in our lives when we are stuck in a car? Each time you stop at a traffic light or are in bumper to bumper traffic, try these six tips:

1. Belly Breathing

Tune in with your breath and feel your belly expand as you breathe in through your nose then collapse as your sigh out through your mouth.

2. Hand Yoga

Ease your grip on the steering wheel. Stretch your arms out straight over the wheel, palms down. Flex your fingers. Bend your wrists back. Hold. Repeat. Let the pressure build, then let it escape. Perfect for stressful times in traffic!

3. Roll it Out

When you’re stopped at a red light, take a minute to roll your ankles. Then, Sit up straight and roll your shoulders backward then forward a few times.

4. Check your Blind Spot

Look straight ahead. Tilt your left ear to your left shoulder, then your right ear to your right shoulder. After, check your blind spot, twisting your neck to look back behind your left and right sides.

5. Lion’s Breath

To relieve tension in your face, breathe in through your nose and feel it deeply in your belly. Hold it for a second, then all at once, let out a sigh, stick out your tongue, and cross your eyes. This is a fun one to try with kids!

6. Seated Cat/Crow

Place your hands on your seat, palms down. Roll your shoulders back and press your chest out while making a concave arch with your spine for cow pose. Then, round your shoulders and back down for cat pose. Very relaxing; extremely important.

These are just some fun little ways of relieving the stress that can build while sitting in traffic. For a complete approach to a healthier life, we suggest regular classes at a yoga studio such as Verona Yoga to help restore balance in your every day routine. Your health is more important than any errand you may have to run. Let’s start a journey to a stress-free life today!

Guest blog post written by our friends at Cherry Hill Nissan.